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Product Overview

CRYSTALTRACK is a Performance Improvement tool which can provide decision-makers with the information they need about their projects at different levels. Specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as productivity, profitability, fulfillment of commitments. CRYSTALTRACK can also provide middle managers with the consolidated information about different requests, projects, and portfolio of projects under their responsibility.

Why Us

Performance Management is based on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to be collected for the whole activity of the Enterprises. The top and the middle management need to have, in real time and in accurate and user-friendly way, all KPIs to be analyzed in order to take relevant decisions. CRYSTALTRACK helps Enterprise to define, collect and publish such KPIs.

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Performance Management for Performance Improvement

Requests Management

Requests ManagementManaging flow of requests

Allows the management of the lifecycle of all categories of requests from the creation till the closing with an accurate monitoring of the flow of each request.

Planning and Tracking

Planning and TrackingPlanning and tracking of projects

Offers a solution for Planning, Monitoring and Control of Projects and Portfolios of Projects.

Quality Management

Quality ManagementMonitoring and evaluation of quality

Supports the evaluation of processes and products against standards and the monitoring of the noncompliance corrective actions.

Scope Management

Scope ManagementManaging requirements

Supports the collection of all categories of requirements (functional, technical, component, and interfaces) with their relationships.

Why choose Us?

Procurement ManagementProcuring products and services

Allows users to plan needed procurements, conduct the procurement process based on bidding rules and policies, and buy needed products and services.

Risks Management

Risks ManagementManaging various risks

Supports the creation or risks with their cause, probability, impact, and associated strategy (Accept, Contain, Anticipate, or Transfer). It also supports the monitoring of the risk mitigation actions.

Issues Management

Issues ManagementManaging and monitoring project issues

The issues management allows the user to log and monitor different issues for the needed scope (project, activity, domain, other). It also supports the monitoring of each issue (detection date, evaluation date, resolution date, and closing date).

Configuration Management

Configuration ManagementManaging project configuration

Supports the definition of all categories of configuration items (documents, applications, environments, tests, policies, technical requirements, etc.) with their relationships.

Finance Management

Finance ManagementManaging project P & L

Establishes how project costs will be planned, estimated, organized, published, forecasted, and managed.

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